Jaguars WR Zay Jones Arrested in Florida Late-night arrest stuns fans as Zay Jones faces domestic battery charge.

Arrest Details Unfold Zay Jones booked into Duval County Jail on Monday night.

First Court Appearance Set Scheduled for Tuesday morning, uncertain events leading to the arrest.

Domestic Battery Charge Facing first-degree misdemeanor charge with potential jail time and fine.

Jaguars React Team statement acknowledges the situation, promises further information gathering.

Injury Clouds Season Jones, dealing with knee soreness, played only three games this season.

Performance Snapshot 78 yards, 2 touchdowns on 8 catches this season; uncertain return timeline.

Previous Achievement Recap of Jones' 823 yards, 5 touchdowns last season with the Jaguars.

Team's Position Jaguars, leading AFC South with a 6-3 record, face adversity.

Upcoming Challenge Despite struggles, Jaguars prepare to host Titans after recent loss.