Wolves vs Man City Fighting Fight: Grealish and Haaland Championship

A Heart England start the match with their new goal in the premium league record book and a new chapter Manchester City take a 3-0 lead over Wolves

A very interesting and fighting match and kicking his shorts with the tip of his feet giving the football a long bounce

In City's Meet with the UEFA Champions League, he retained Jett Greenies in the starting line-up in a money goal despite a win over Rusia Dortmund

Passed the ball with caution to each other, keeping the confidence of a cartman by scoring deepbrows in 55 seconds.

Hailand became the first player in premium lick history to do so with a powerful right foot click and forced Maxkel Mann to retreat

Nathan Collins Grealish Republic of Ireland defender sends message Worlds returns after half-time despite loss

De Bruyne made an announcement for a Steven Gerrard Premium League assist and crossed to eliminate Foden.

Wolves reacted well, passing each other out, not letting the ball pass, snatching the ball from his opponents and moving towards his goal