Page 1: The debate over sanctuary cities is heating up in the wake of the immigration crisis.

Page 2: Chicago Alderman Chris Taliaferro voices concerns about the city's ability to accommodate more migrants.

Page 3: With daily arrivals of around 1,250 people, O'Hare Airport has become an unofficial migrant shelter.

Page 4: Overcrowding prompts the need for policy changes and a potential reevaluation of sanctuary city status.

Page 5: The strain on public spaces and finances calls for a reexamination of Chicago's sanctuary status.

Page 6: New York faces a similar dilemma as Governor Kathy Hochul acknowledges the strain on resources.

Page 7: Hochul warns that New York cannot sustain its sanctuary status under President Joe Biden's open border policies.

Page 8: The impact of this crisis is pushing cities to their limits, forcing a reevaluation of their welcoming policies.

Page 9: These issues highlight the complexities of balancing humanitarian values with practical limitations.

Page 10: Sanctuary cities now grapple with a difficult decision: continue to welcome all, or implement necessary changes.