Page 1: Β Lauren Manzo and Vito Scalia's divorce after eight years together.Β 

Page 2: Lauren's Instagram post on October 24, addressing the divorce rumors.Β 

Page 3:Β  Lauren and Vito's assurance of a mutual, amicable parting.Β 

Page 4:Β  Lauren emphasizes their daughter's happiness and privacy.Β 

Page 5: Β The couple's low-profile life and why they didn't make a spectacle.Β 

Page 6: Details about Vito's filing for divorce on September 5.Β 

Page 7: The stated reason for the divorce: "irreconcilable differences."Β 

Page 8:Β  The process of Vito serving divorce papers to Lauren.Β 

Page 9:Β  Lauren's commitment to love and respect in their co-parenting.Β 

Page 10: Concluding the story with a message of hope and change.Β