TV Star Ashley Benson and Heir Brandon Davis Expecting First Child

9:09โ€ฏam Friday, 27 October 2023 (GMT-7) Time in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Page 1: TV Star's Big New In a world filled with glitz and glamour, a TV star shines even brighter.

Page 2: Love Blossom Ashley Benson, known for "Pretty Little Liars," found love with Brandon Davis.

Page 3: The Announcement Excitement fills the air as the couple reveals their joyous news.

Page 4: A Bundle of Joy Ashley and Brandon are expecting their first child together.

Page 5: Four Months In With the pregnancy in its fourth month, Ashley can't contain her joy.

Page 6: Family's Thrill Her family couldn't be happier for the mom-to-be.

Page 7: A Longtime Dream Ashley always dreamt of being a mom, and now, it's coming true.

Page 8: Love's Influence Their deep love inspired this new chapter in their lives.

Page 9: From Romance to Family Their whirlwind romance led to a surprise engagement in July.