Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City Result, Highlights & Best Analysis

Child Heung-min fell off the seat to fire a fabulous full go-around as Tottenham Hotspur whipped base club Leicester City 6-2 in an undeniably exhilarating Chief Association experience.

Leicester have now lost six in succession to leave administrator Brendan Rodgers under immense strain.

It then, at that point, turned into the Child show. It the 73rd moment he overlooked Hojbjerg's run into space past him to lash high into the net right-footed.

Kane took a break going after accomplice 10 minutes after the fact and it was an instance of various foot, same outcome.

Replays showed Jonny Evans had played on the main event briefly full go-around after he crushed a completion underneath Ward.

After twenty minutes or so, the recognizable astonishing grin returned to the front face, although at the time, he was driven by anger about losing his place and directed it impeccably.

Two adrenaline-powered completes, perhaps most satisfyingly, sent off one by one to finish off the high pitch by him.

The improvement of players like Madison shows how well Rodgers has done during his FA Cup-winning stint at King Power Stadium.

But Leicester scored six goals here, giving Brighton five. In truth, they could have dropped something else. Defensively, they are in irreparable condition.