Tornado touches down in Arizona mountains Sunday

Star Valley, Arizona

November 20, 2023

EF-1 tornado shocks Star Valley, Arizona. Donovan Cross captures terrifying footage. Nature's unpredictability on display.ย 

Father films tornado, debris flying, Christmas decorations flattened. Panic ensues, challenging mountain tornado myths.ย 

NWS debunks mountain tornado myths, cites documented cases. Emphasizes need for preparedness.ย 

Storm Prediction Center and NWS Flagstaff validate tornado via weather radar. Survey team deployed.ย 

Terrified voices recount tornado touching down, ripping through neighborhoods. Donovan Cross witnesses destruction.ย 

Arizona storm system intensifies, causing Thanksgiving travel troubles coast to coast. NWS highlights weather unpredictability.ย 

Despite shock and damage, Star Valley community begins recovery. Video captures downed trees.ย 

EF-1 tornado shatters misconceptions, emphasizing nature's unpredictability. Community rallies, urging vigilance and preparedness.ย