Tokyo Mayor's Paid Advertisements Raise Election Law Questions

October 25, 2023



Page 1: Breaking New On the 24th, Tokyo's Koto Ward Mayor, Yayoi Kimura, faced a special investigation into her campaign's use of paid advertisements.

Page 2: Suspicion Arise Headline: Mayor Kimura Under Scrutiny Paid advertisements promoting Mayor Kimura's election campaign spark controversy.

Page 3: Campaign Violation Headline: Violation of Election Law Mayor Kimura accused of breaking the Public Offices Election Act.

Page 5: Seeking Answer Headline: Mayor's Inquirie Mayor Kimura cooperates with investigators voluntarily.

Page 6: Breaking the Rule Headline: Violating Election Regulation Using paid online ads during the election period is against the law.

Page 7: Kimura's Explanation Headline: Mayor's Defense Kimura attributes the ads to a campaign volunteer.

Page 8: The Search Headline: Ward Office Searched The search of the ward office concludes after about an hour.

Page 9: Uncertain Future Headline: Mayor's Next Move The mayor's attendance at a crucial meeting remains uncertain.

Page 10: Koto Ward's Stand Headline: Ward's Response Koto Ward states they will monitor the investigation closely. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.