Today 1 killed in New Hampshire Hospital



Page 1: Introduction

Page 1: New Hampshire state hospital rocked by a shooting; one dead, suspect neutralized by vigilant state police officer.ย 

Page 2:

3:30 pm chaos in Concord; Mark Hall reports one victim, silent on suspect details; public reassured, hospital secure.ย 

Page 3:

Tight-lipped Hall: shooter unidentified; Lori Weaver assures patients' safety; bomb squad probes suspicious vehicle, deepening the tragedy.ย 

Page 4: ย 

Investigation twists: bomb squad examines a mysterious vehicle, intensifying the already tense situation at the psychiatric hospital.ย 

Page 5:ย 

Swift horror in the secure hospital lobby; metal detectors and on-duty police couldn't prevent a tragic event.ย 

Page 6: ย 

Concord police, Merrimack county deputies, and state police swarm the scene, creating an active and grim atmosphere outside the hospital.

Page 7:ย 

Active scene unfolds; aerial views reveal a multitude of police cars; New Hampshire's homeland security readies a media center nearby.ย