Nationwide debate on transgender students participating in sports and now extending to school productions.ย 

Max Hightower, a transgender male student, removed from lead role in "Oklahoma!" due to a new casting policy.ย 

School's policy mandates that only males can play male roles and vice versa.ย 

Phillip Hightower, Max's father, expresses devastation over the decision.ย 

Hightower, not a political activist, emphasizes his role as a dad fighting for his child.ย 

Overwhelming support and love received by the Hightower family despite the disappointing decision.ย 

Hightower plans to appeal the decision to the school board.ย 

Commitment to ongoing support and advocacy for Max's rights throughout the process.ย 

Hightower reflects on the strength demonstrated by his son, Max.ย 

The controversy unfolds and gains attention in a post on Next Impulse Sports.ย