Page 1: The Sinister Documentary Unleashed Netflix viewers are gripped by a chilling true crime documentary, "The Devil On Trial," unleashed on October 17. It unveils an eerie tale that inspired a legendary horror film.

Page 2: A Terrifying Tale Unearthed "The Devil On Trial" explores a spine-tingling caseβ€”the only time demonic possession was used as a defense in a US murder trial. It mirrors "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It."

Page 3: A Synopsis of the Dark Tale The documentary, directed by Bafta-nominated Chris Holt, combines reenactments and home videos to unravel the alleged possession of a young boy and the gruesome murder that ensued.

Page 4: The Real Story What lies behind this nightmare? Delve into the Arne Johnson murder trial that shocked the nation in 1981.

Page 5: Love and Dark Beginning Arne Johnson was engaged to Debbie Glatzel, whose family's haunting encounters with her brother David paved the way for a chilling tale.

Page 6: The Glatzel Family's Ordeal The Glatzel family endured a series of unexplained events involving young David. Blaming it on possession, they sought help from renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, creators of "The Conjuring."

Page 7: A Mother's Distre Judy Glatzel, David's mother, revealed in 1981, "He would kick, bite, spit, swearβ€”terrible words."

Page 8: A Fateful Decision During an exorcism, Johnson invited one of the entities possessing David to enter him, leading to a surreal experience filled with visions and strange phenomena.

Page 9: Believers in the Unseen Ed and Lorraine Warren fervently believed both Glatzel and Johnson were possessed, asserting that possession comes and goes.

Page 10: A Horror Tale Unveiled "The Devil On Trial" is now streaming on Netflix, shedding light on the eerie story that inspired "The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It."