Texas father shot dead while trying to break teenage daughter's fight, suspect unknown

A father in Texas, identified as Gabriel Campos Gonzales, aged 54, was fatally shot while attempting to break up a fight involving his teenage daughter.ย 

The incident occurred in San Antonio's Westside neighborhood around 9 p.m.ย 

The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Gonzales' death as a homicide, attributing it to gunshot wounds to his torso.ย 

Initial investigations suggest that a group of teenagers arrived to confront two other teenage girls who lived at the location.ย 

A fight erupted between the two groups of teenagers.ย 

When Gabriel Campos Gonzales intervened to stop the fight, an unknown suspect shot him multiple times.ย 

The suspect fled on foot after the shooting.ย 

Witnesses and neighbors reported hearing a loud argument on the street before the gunshots were fired.ย 

It's believed that the two groups of girls had been feuding for months, and the situation escalated to violence on this particular evening.ย 

Security cameras in neighboring homes captured the shooting, and this footage will be used by the police to identify the suspect.