Steelers vs Browns Live Score: Results, Reports, Highlights & Analysis

After trailing at just the right time, The Steelers worked hard at recess to take a 14-13 lead.

After a slow start on both sides of the ball, Tans, initiated by a 37-yard run by a scratch chub, hit the first blow to Amari Cooper on Jacoby Brissette's 11-yard score pass.

The Steelers took their most memorable lead minute of any other time when Mitch Trubisky scored a 1-yard score.

Cleveland could not recover the lead before halftime after tossing a lackluster fourth-down pass on the final drive before recess.

Chris Boswell missed a 53-yard attempt on Pittsburgh's later drive. Brown's young kicker Cade York missed a PAT, the difference in the game so far.

Brown leads 16-14 to move to fourth place. The CLE gets the opportunity to limit any engagement with the pit on this drive.

Brown fools everyone in the structure and performs the play on 3rd and 1st. Brissette consumes Cam Sutton deep for a 32-yard advantage.

Johnson has to take that catch. It's two drops for Johnson this evening. The Steelers do a dropkick and don't give their guard a very notable break.

The Browns are currently out ahead of midfield after Brissette hit Cooper for a big raise. Steelers Blitz and Brissette paid him off.