South Dakota Group $360 million Mega Millions jackpot winner revealed



Page 1: A Historic VictoryIn October 2023, a South Dakota group, the Blue Yucca Trust, etched their names in history by winning the colossal $360 million Mega Millions jackpot. Learn about their remarkable journey and the record-breaking prize.ย 

Page 2: The Winning TicketDiscover the thrilling moment when the Blue Yucca Trust's ticket, with the magical numbers 12, 24, 46, 57, 66, and Mega Ball 22, turned them into overnight millionaires. ย 

Page 3: Credit Where It's DueWhile the Blue Yucca Trust resides in South Dakota, find out why the state where the ticket was purchased, Texas, gets the credit for this historic win. Explore similar instances where the location of purchase determines the winning state.ย 

Page 4: Stripes No. 5031 โ€“ A Lucky SpotUncover the luck embedded in Stripes No. 5031, the convenience store in San Angelo where the life-changing ticket was sold. The store also received a $1 million bonus from the Texas Lottery, adding to the excitement.ย 

Page 5: Mega Millions in TexasDelve into the history of Mega Millions winners in Texas, from the first-ever winner in 2004 to the recent triumph of the Blue Yucca Trust. Explore how this victory stands out and the impact it has on the Lone Star State.ย 

Page 6: A Record-Breaking PayoutLearn why the Blue Yucca Trust opted for the cash value when purchasing their ticket. The jaw-dropping cash payout of $157,367,045, before taxes, set a new record for the largest prize ever awarded to a single Texas Lottery player.ย 

Page 7: Texas Lottery MilestonesReflect on the last Mega Millions jackpot won by a Texan before this historic event. The journey from a Leander resident's $227 million win in 2019 to the Blue Yucca Trust's $360 million triumph.ย