Page 1: Sidney Powell, former Trump lawyer, pleads guilty in the Georgia election interference case, shedding light on a controversial chapter in American politics.

Page 2: Powell, once a key figure in efforts to challenge the 2020 election results, faced charges of conspiracy in Fulton County Superior Court.Β 

Page 3: Powell had propagated unfounded claims of election fraud and attempted to access voting machines in Coffee County, Georgia.Β 

Page 4: She was one of 19 individuals charged with racketeering in connection to the failed efforts to overturn Trump's defeat in Georgia.Β 

Page 5: Facing six additional charges for attempting to copy election data illegally, Powell reached a plea deal.Β 

Page 6: Under the plea agreement, Powell will serve six years of probation and pay a $6,000 fine, among other conditions.Β 

Page 7: She will also write an apology letter and testify truthfully in future hearings and trials, providing requested documents.Β 

Page 8: Powell's defense had argued that Coffee County officials had invited scrutiny of voting machines and election equipment.Β 

Page 9: One of her co-defendants, lawyer Kenneth Chesebro, authored memos detailing how false elector slates could be sent to Congress.Β 

Page 10: While Powell has pleaded guilty, the trial dates for Trump and the remaining co-defendants are yet to be determined.Β