See Urvashi Rautela's answer on Rishabh Pant's viral Instagram story

By Hardik Wasanwal

See Urvashi Rautela's answer in Rishabh Indian group's wicket-attendant Rishabh Pant is in titles these days with Bollywood entertainer Urvashi Rautela.

In this tweet, Urvashi has called Rishabh Pant as Chhotu Bhaiya and has likewise encouraged Pant to play cricket.

Urvashi wrote in her most recent tweet, 'Chhotu Bhaiya ought to play bat ball. I'm no munni jo badnaam ho tere liye youthful youngster sweetheart.'

Try to keep your hat on, Urvashi Rautela as of late gave a meeting, wherein she educated an account regarding Mr. RP and said, 'I came to Delhi subsequent to shooting in Varanasi where my show was to be held. I shot day in and day out.

Mr. RP had come to meet me and he was sitting tight for me in the entryway. At the point when I returned following 10 hours of shooting, I was drained and fell asleep.

After this, the screen capture became a web sensation via virtual entertainment by recounting Pant's Insta story in which it was composed that a question of chuckling certain individuals lie in interviews so he can acquire prominence and come in the title.

As per reports, Rishabh Pant erased his Insta story in a matter of moments. However, regardless of whether Pant had posted such a story, it has not been confirmed.Pant's viral Instagram story