samsung odyssey ark gaming monitor: release date features and specifications

Samsung's Odyssey Ark had a covert presence at CES 2022, however the bended 55-inch gaming screen meets-TV is almost prepared to send off. It's turning out in mid-September for $3,499.99, with bookings for preorders beginning today.ย 

I got to try out a model of the Odyssey Ark with a clump of PC games. Shock: gaming with my face three feet from a 55-inch 4K showcase with 165Hz invigorate rate is marvelous. Yet, I was similarly dazzled with the abundance of highlights that the Ark can convey.

The Ark addresses Samsung's most forceful play at separating itself as a producer of gaming shows. The 55-inch 1000R arch is, obviously, one approach to standing out. It can undoubtedly be pivoted for use in picture mode with up to three video sources. The other significant way is with some brilliant TV usefulness, to be specific the Samsung Gaming Hub that takes into account cloud streaming by means of Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

The Ark appears to be a realized amount all over, however something doesn't add up about it that feels extraordinary. It packs noteworthy gaming screen specs into a plan that is, apparently beside the stand, an old fashioned bended TV.

Considering that it packs in a few savvy highlights, similar to cloud game streaming and brilliant TV applications, the Ark could be ideal for somebody who needs to go hard and fast โ€” both as far as size and its $3,499.99 cost.

All said, the Ark experience feels cleaned, yet there were a few different characteristics in this model. At the point when a Samsung delegate was strolling me through the image resizing highlights, some instructional exercise pop-ups wouldn't vanish. The group said this was a known prerelease issue.

In my short time frame with the Ark, messing around like Doom Eternal and Forza Horizon 5 seemed like excellent exhibits for how brilliant and quick this show can go. No bad things to say there. Its 16:9 perspective proportion implied that the image didn't display visual twisting around the edges as we saw on Samsung's 32:9 viewpoint proportion Odyssey G9 and Neo G9.

This show has a 1000R bend, and it's both odd and cool to see the bend return for a board that looks such a lot of like a TV. The bend's scoop isn't so profound as the Odyssey Neo G9's 1800R shape (whatever floats their boat, however I think the 1000R is the perfect balance as far as effectively having the option to see everything on the screen without fringe detail dropping off the radar).