Princess Diana's Iconic Eagles Jacket: A Tale of Normalcy

Oct 22, 2023ย 

Page 1: Princess Diana's former bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, reveals the story behind her famous Eagles jacket.

Page 2: A Fashion Icon Princess Diana was known for her iconic style, and one piece that stood out was her Philadelphia Eagles jacket.

Page 3: Seeking Normalcy Ken Wharfe explains that Diana wore the jacket to embrace normalcy, which she craved amidst her royal life.

Page 4: Keeping It Casual Diana's desire for her sons, William and Harry, to see her as a regular mom led her to dress casually.

Page 5: A Unique Style Diana's choice to be different and stylish in her casual attire resonated with the public.

Page 6: The Eagles Connection The story of how Diana got the jacket: a chance meeting with the Eagles' statistician in 1982.

Page 7: A Care Package Surprise Jack Edelstein sent Diana a jacket after learning her favorite colors matched the Eagles' team colors.

Page 8: Jacket in Action Diana wore the jacket during various outings, including taking Prince Harry to school and a visit to Alton Towers Theme Park.

Page 9: A Jacket's Legacy Ken Wharfe reflects on how Diana's jacket continues to captivate public attention, even decades later.