President Biden declares emergency Tropical Storm Fiona in Puerto Rico

The tropical storm -- the third of the 2022 Atlantic typhoon season -- is making heavy to Puerto Rico south of the city of Ponce, the hurricane site said.

Winds should quickly increase along the shoreline, while conditions are forecast to loosen during Sunday evening and night as Fiona moves near or toward the southwest of Puerto Rico.

Typhoon Fiona is currently Storm Fiona, Public Storm Place reported Sunday morning.

Public Typhoon Place said a Tropical Storm Warning is active for Puerto Rico and the east coast of the Dominican Republic from Cabo Cabo Cabo Cabo Frances Viejo.

Bringing heavy rain, frequent flooding, landslides and avalanches to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Aid said the flood was expected to creep 1 to 2 after it had fallen earlier.

The northern and eastern Dominican Republics, as well, are known to see 4 to 8 creeping rain, with varying totals of up to 12 inches.

So far, experts have responded to one such avalanche: Crisis officials responded to the avalanche at around 8 p.m. Saturday night.

According to ET fire and public safety officials, Guanabo is on high rise. There was no underlying report of lesions