Post Malone sprained ribs after falling on stage, but concert ended

Post Malone got the clinical idea after getting hit hard in front of an audience during his show in St. Louis on Saturday night.

As pointed out by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Malone was performing "circles" when he stumbled across an open opening that was used to bring down the hardware under the stage.

He reached his rib and lay on the stage for a few minutes as surgeons looked after him.

The rapper was finally ready to stand up and take help from the stage, but let the team know that he would return.

After a 15-minute delay, Post Malone made sure to restart the show, yet only for a short set during which he held his ribs incessantly.

Post Malone began his "twelve-carat gold tour" at the end of the week in Omaha, arranging for dates in mid-November.

It is not clear whether any of Post's upcoming dates will be affected by his physical problem.

The result is joined with the wrapper's agents for additional data.

Post Malone made some extra devoted fans when he fell through an opening breaking 3 ribs on stage.