Page 1: Pharmacy employees at CVS and Walgreens unite for better working conditions.

Page 3: "Workforce Protest" CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid employees to call in sick.

Page 4: "Pharmacy Workers Unite" Protest follows earlier Walgreens and CVS walkouts for better conditions.

Page 5: "Demands for Change" Workers seek guaranteed hours, better pay, and scheduling input.

Page 6: "Patient Safety Concerns" Changes aim to improve staffed stores and patient safety.

Page 7: "Force for Change" Organizers demand more from pharmacy chains.

Page 8: "Social Media Support" Over 2,000 people support the protest on social media.

Page 9: "Visibility Matters" Protests planned at CVS and Walgreens headquarters for impact.

Page 10: "Pharmacist Advocate" The Accidental Pharmacist amplifies worker concerns and support.