Pedro Argote: Alleged Judge Killer's Shocking Testimony | October 25th, 2023

Pedro Argote, accused of murdering Judge Andrew Wilkinson, faces horrifying allegations.Β 

Pedro Argote's daughter testifies to his abusive behavior, including physical violence.Β 

The daughter reveals how Argote silenced his infant child with a towel.Β 

Argote's use of surveillance cameras to control his family's life is exposed.Β 

Judge Wilkinson, appalled by the abuse, rules in favor of Argote's wife.Β 

Eugenia, Argote's wife, speaks about her husband's control over her life.Β 

Eugenia's protective order request and the "nesting agreement" are discussed.

Judge Wilkinson grants custody of the children to Eugenia, fearing further abuse.Β 

Argote's absence at the hearing and the tragic events that followed are detailed.Β 

A massive manhunt ensues for Argote, who remains on the run.Β