Ohio State vs. Notre Dame: Football Scores, NCAA Top 25 Highlights

The best Ohio State drive of the night closes with a 24-yard score pass to Xavier Johnson. Stroud hit him between the creases over the center on a third and 11 with the Notre Dame protection bringint the intensity.

It covers off a 10-play, 70-yard drive to make it 14-10 not long before the finish of the second from last quarter.

The Buckeyes guard is absolutely taking care of its business, driving another dropkick. The Buckeyes get the ball back at the OSU 30, however have just 184 yards of offense on the evening.

Seems as though he got his left lower leg moved onto while being handled along the sideline. He's still in the game, however not moving too.

The Buckeyes go 31 yards more than 8 plays yet slow down at midfield when Stroud's pass to Egbuka on third down misss the mark.

Stroud is currently 15/24 for just 116 yards. He's been the lesser of the two QBs in this game, and keeping in mind that a portion of that has to do with the Irish safeguard and wounds to Buckeye beneficiaries, it doesn't make it any less shaking.

Once more, the Buckeyes D straightens out and pressures Buchner into several inadequacies that lead to a Notre Dame dropkick. It's an incredible dropkick as well, and the Buckeyes will begin at the OSU 6.

Ohio State's protection hopes to get off the field however an unneccessary harshness approach Lathan Ranson for a hit on Tyler Buchner gives the Irish a first down.