Meadow Lake: Officials Identified Remains in Meadow Lake

In any case, when Thomas, 42, leaped off his boat and into the water for a dip, he won't ever returned. It was the evening of Aug. 2, 2002, and his little girl, Tina Bushman, who was on the boat, was 14 years of age.

She recalls how large the waves were that evening. She recalls her dad's hand brushing the stepping stool of the boat.

Twenty years after Mr. Erndt clearly suffocated, the experts in Clark County, Nev., distinguished his remaining parts among a few sets that have as of late been tracked down in Lake Mead.

The declaration on Wednesday addressed the principal positive ID as examiners stood up to a developing number of stays found lately as the supply's waters have retreated from dry spell.

The ID was affirmed by D.N.A. tests put together by Ms. Bushman and her sibling, who was 11 when their dad suffocated and furthermore on the boat, she said.

Ms. Bushman said the disclosure had caused her to remember the awfulness of that evening, of watching her dad bounce into the water and vanish.

Last week, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department revealed that a writer had found a weapon in a shriveled part of the lake on Aug.

Water levels in Lake Mead have been on a 22-year descending pattern, as per NASA, which has been following satellite symbolism of the lake.