New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Results, Scores & Analysis

Quarterback Jameis Winston went into the game having been determined to have four broken vertebrae, and he most likely shouldn't have attempted to play through the agony.

Over and over again he was conditional to fold the ball and run for a more straightforward first down than he attempted to track down through the air.

Reports say it's an aggravation resilience issue, and it sure appeared as though that was influencing his focus as he gathered more hits.

In the event that the Holy people expect improvement by the following week, they ought to have quite recently endured it.

Left-wing monitor Andrus Peet momentarily stepped into the tent of injury, yet had the option of returning, although his physical problem was not disclosed.

Goodness Marcus May also drew attention in the tent, however, abandoned the game and the preparation was done by a person on the team with storage space.

Veteran reinforcement PJ Williams filled in for him. He must have been sketchy to come back with a wrist injury later.

This inspired a truly horrific succession following the cautious stance of a pious people.

Mike Evans made a minor shot to Marshawn Latimore, blowing up some dust that kicked them both out.