Netflix's Squid Game 2 reality show has an official release date

Friday, 14 October 2023 Date in Washington, DC, USAย 

Page 2: Squid Game: The Challenge, Netflix's spin-off of the iconic series, debuts on November 22nd.

Page 3: The countdown begins for an intense competition where 456 players will vie for $4.56 million.

Page 4: Squid Game: The Challenge arrives just in time for Thanksgiving family gatherings in the US.

Page 5: Netflix unveiled this new reality show in June 2022, following the massive success of Squid Game.

Page 6: The lead-up to the release faced obstacles due to reports of medical issues on set.

Page 7: Experience Squid Game-like challenges with Netflix's "The Trials" in Los Angeles.

Page 8: Get immersed in the world of Squid Game with Squid Game Virtuals at Sandbox VR locations.

Page 9: Netflix's 2025 plan: Retail destinations and potential real-world Squid Game tie-ins.

Page 10: Exciting news: Netflix is working on Squid Game Season 2 with a fresh cast, but no release date yet.