NASA's Psyche Mission: Journey to Explore a Metallic AsteroidΒ 

1: A Mysterious Launch ntrigue surrounds NASA's launch of Psyche, an enigmatic asteroid mission.

Page 2: The Quest Begin The spacecraft embarks on a six-year journey to the asteroid belt.

Page 3: Psyche's Identity Crisi Is Psyche a metallic asteroid or a baby planet's core?

Page 4: A Bold Departure NASA's Psyche spacecraft lifts off on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

Page 5: Uncertain Beginning Astronomers are uncertain about Psyche's composition.

Page 6: A Leap into the Unknown The spacecraft sets off into the vast expanse of space.

Page 7: Initial Contact NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory receives the first signal from Psyche.

Page 8: A Historical Enigma Psyche, discovered in 1852, baffles astronomers.

Page 9: The Metal Mystery Unveiled Metallic reflections hint at Psyche's true nature.