Epic Graphics and Deluxe Suits Unveiled

Page 1: Marvel's Web-Slinging Spectacle In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, expect a graphical marvel beyond imagination.

Page 2: Swinging into Action Instantly transported from the PS5 screen to NYC's vibrant streets.

Page 3: Web Wings Unleashed New web wings, no compromise on graphics, soaring through cityscapes.

Page 4: A Bigger, Better Big Apple The sequel showcases a sprawling, detailed New York City.

Page 5: A Deeper Dive Choose frame-rate settings: Off, Smooth, or Uncapped for VRR.

Page 6: Deluxe Edition Delight Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition with bonus suits and perks.

Page 7: Suit Up, Superhero! Deluxe Edition grants ten stylish suits, five for each Spider-Man.

Page 8: Exploring the Bundle Uncover the treasures of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Deluxe Edition.

Page 9: Choose Your Path Decide if the Deluxe Edition suits your web-slinging adventure.