Tragedy Strikes in Malibu: Driver in Crash That Claimed Four Pepperdine Students Faces Murder Charges

October 25, 2023


Page 1: In a shocking turn of events, the driver involved in the tragic accident that claimed the lives of four Pepperdine University students last week in Southern California has been re-arrested on suspicion of murder.Β 

Page 2: Frazier M. Bohm, 22, initially faced charges of vehicular manslaughter after the deadly crash on Pacific Coast Highway, a notoriously treacherous stretch of road in MalibΒ 

Page 3: Bohm, who was treated for minor injuries and released, has been the focus of an ongoing investigation as detectives gathered crucial evidence.Β 

Page 4: After presenting their findings to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, Bohm was re-arrested a week after the fatal crashΒ 

Page 5: The newly added charges include four counts of murder, significantly elevating the legal stakes for Bohm.Β 

Page 6: Bohm's bail has been set at a staggering $8 million, and he is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.Β 

Page 7: The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department expressed its dedication to seeking justice for the victims' familiesΒ 

Page 8: In a statement, they noted that their detectives worked relentlessly to compile evidence for the maximum charges allowed under California law.Β 

Page 9: The community's thoughts are with the families, friends, and fellow students of the victims during this challenging timeΒ 

Page 10: This tragic incident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of safe driving on our roadsΒ 

Malibu : Driver in Crash That Claimed Four Pepperdine Students Faces Murder Charge