Luis Diaz's Family Kidnapping: A Nation's Prayers

Β October 29, 2023Β 

Page 1: In a shocking twist of fate, Luis Diaz's parents were kidnapped.Β 

Page 2: Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced the rescue of Diaz's mother.Β 

Page 3: The search for his father, Luis Manuel Diaz, continues in Colombia.Β 

Page 4: The nation rallied, with the Attorney General's Office working relentlessly.Β 

Page 5: Diaz's parents, Cilenis Marulanda and Luis Manuel Diaz, were abducted.Β 

Page 6: General William Salamanca led the police in search efforts.Β 

Page 7: Liverpool expressed concern and pledged support for their star winger.Β 

Page 8: Diaz, a Liverpool and Colombia winger, had not commented on the matter.Β 

Page 9: The world awaits the safe return of Diaz's father, uniting in hope.Β 

Page 10: Diaz's fans hope for his swift return to the football pitch.Β