Cyclone Lola: Red Cross Relief Concerns Amidst 320km/h Winds

October 24, 2023

New ZealandΒ 

Page 1: Title: Cyclone Lola Strikes VanuatuΒ 

Page 2: Red Cross Vanuatu Concerned Not Enough Relief for Category 5 Cyclone LolaΒ 

Page 3: Destructive Winds Forecast Gusts of Up to 320km/h in Torba, Sanma, Penama, MalampaΒ 

Page 4: Cyclone Lola's Landfall Pentecost Island, Wednesday Midday Local TimeΒ 

Page 5: Communication Breakdown Red Cross Fears 'Major, Major Damage' in Torba ProvinceΒ 

Page 6: Storage Shortage Relief Kits for 100 Households in a Population of 9000Β 

Page 7: Assessing the Aftermath Requesting More Supplies After Cyclone PassesΒ 

Page 8: Flash Flooding and Coastal Threat Low-Lying Areas Brace for Cyclone LolaΒ 

Page 9: Preparedness in the Face of Cyclone Vanuatu Residents Anticipate and PrepareΒ