LinkedIn Announces 668 Employee Layoffs Amid Slowing Hiring Demand

Monday, October 16, 2023

LinkedIn, the professional social network owned by Microsoft, announced the layoff of almost 700 employees. Β 

LinkedIn's decision to reduce its workforce came as a surprise, especially given the ongoing challenging times.Β 

LinkedIn's leadership recognizes the importance of adapting organizational structures to improve agility and accountability.Β 

The changes result in the reduction of 563 roles, primarily within the Research and Development (R&D) department.Β 

Employees directly affected by these changes will receive detailed information and support through a dedicated meeting.Β 

LinkedIn's leadership made these decisions with a deep understanding of the company's long-term needs.Β 

As the company goes through this transition, the focus shifts to supporting colleagues.

In January, Microsoft announced the cutting of 10,000 employees, with additional reductions in July. Β 

LinkedIn is committed to providing full support to all impacted employees during this transition, ensuring they are treated with care and respect.Β