Boston Celtics: Know why Boston Celtics coach Udoka was suspended

The Boston Celtics have suspended lead trainer Ime Udoka for the 2022-2023 season for defying the group's strategy to have a personal relationship with a female staff member.

His most memorable year as head coach came a few months after leading the group to the NBA Finals – according to various reports.

Celtics right-hand mentor Joe Majulla will take over for Udoka when the NBA season begins a month from now,

According to ESPN, the Boston Globe detailed, though the group reportedly doesn't want to end him.

ESPN and The Athletic detailed Wednesday night that disciplinary talks were underway at the Celtics Association.

Citing sources with knowledge of the situation, the group's aftermath of revelations of interpersonal relationships abusing the rules.

The NBA's instructional courses are set to begin later this month. The Celtics' simple season opener is against the Philadelphia 76ers on October 19.

Udoka beat the Celtics in front of an NBA Finals crowd in a normal season record of 51–31

Last season stunned many eyewitnesses from the association, which was Udoka's first person as a Celtics mentor.