Keenan Allen's Spectacular 'EXCELLENT PLAY' Shocks NFL World

Page 2: In a primetime showdown, Keenan Allen wowed the world with his talent.Β 

Page 3: On a 3rd-and-4, Chargers QB Herbert's pass was off target.Β 

Page 4: Allen backpedaled, making an unbelievable left-handed grab.Β 

Page 5: With acrobatic grace, he secured the ball in his right hand.Β 

Page 6: NFL fans cheered as Allen celebrated with the away crowd.Β 

Page 7: The catch marked a milestoneβ€”10,000 career receiving yards for Allen.Β 

Page 8: Viewers marveled at the 'circus' catch, calling it a miracle.Β 

Page 9: Both Chargers and Jets are now tied at 4-4 after the game.Β 

Page 10: Keenan Allen's excellence left us all spellbound that Monday night.Β