Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck enjoy luxury shopping on honeymoon

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck partook in an extravagance shopping binge during their second special night in Italy.

Lopez and Affleck likewise looked at duds at Valentino, where a swarm of fans sat tight outside for a brief look at the love birds.

Lopez β€” who wore an all-white gathering flaunting her lucky abs β€” waved hi to the pair's admirers.

In the mean time, Affleck β€” dressed nonchalantly in pants, a T-shirt, a conservative and dark sweater β€” figured out how to let out a slight smirk on occasion.

As Page Six recently detailed, Affleck was annoyed by the picture takers who followed him and Lopez during their most memorable wedding trip in Paris.

Ben was a little gone crazy in Paris, a source told us at that point. "This was an unheard of level. Adding, "a nearly Princess-Diana level.

Bennifer got exceptional media consideration back in 2002 during their underlying run as a couple.

They even needed to delay their most memorable arranged wedding in 2003 after they had to venture to such an extreme as to consider having imitation ladies on their destined important day.