In a shocking twist to the decade-long Markel murder case, Donna Adelson, ex-mother-in-law of the late FSU law professor, faces arrest in Miami.Β 

Donna, 73, was apprehended attempting to flee the country, just a week after her son, Charlie Adelson, was found guilty in the murder-for-hire trial.

Tallahassee State Attorney Jack Campbell revealed Donna's arrest at Miami International Airport, where she and her husband held one-way tickets to Vietnam.Β 

The arrest marks the fifth in connection with Daniel Markel's murder, a case that has gripped the nation for nearly a decade.Β 

The murder-for-hire plot unraveled with Markel's 2013 divorce from Wendi Adelson, leading to a contentious legal battle that took a sinister turn.Β 

Sigfredo Garcia and Luis Rivera were linked to the crime, traced through a rented Toyota Prius seen on surveillance videos following Markel's car.Β 

Garcia, convicted in 2019, had ties to Katherine Magbanua, who was in a relationship with Charlie Adelson, the victim's former brother-in-law.Β 

Rivera, testifying against Garcia and Magbanua, exposed the intricate details of the crime, revealing a web of relationships and motives.Β 

Wendi Adelson's mother, Donna, now arrested, allegedly sought to coerce Markel into allowing her daughter's relocation to South Florida.

As the Markel murder saga unfolds, the arrest of Donna Adelson adds a new chapter to a tale of deception, betrayal, and a family torn apart.