Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson: MLB The Show Studio donates $875K to Jackie Robinson Foundation

By Hardik Wasanwal

LOS ANGELES - On the occasion of Rachel Robinson's 100th birthday - which she shared Tuesday with the 92nd Annual All-Star Game - Sony made a generous contribution in support of the life's works of the widow of Jackie Robinson.

San Diego Studios β€” the PlayStation Studios development team that produces Major League Baseball's only video game series, MLB The Show β€” donated more than $875,000 to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which has contributed to the country since founding Rachel in 1973.

One of the chief of Scholarship and professional development programs for college students from minority backgrounds.

Ramon Russell, brand strategist for communications and product development for Sony Interactive, presented the large check at Play Ball Park to Nicole Whiteman, CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, and a JRF alumna herself, who accepted it on behalf of the foundation.

With the funding, the San Diego studio created scholarships within JRF specifically for young adults seeking careers in the video game industry.

During the summer of their junior year, the company's JRF scholars will participate in paid internships in their studio, receiving practical training so that they can be better positioned to enter the business after graduation.