'HSMTMS' recap: Ricky helps Gina and Ashlyn realizes

The most recent episode of 'HSMTMTS' was about Color War. Ricky was there for Gina when she wanted him, Miss Jenn returned, and Ashlyn reached a decision about her sentiments.

At The Barn, Maddox assists Gina with getting ready for Color War. They have a discussion about their siblings, and Maddox starts to open up a smidgen to Gina. Gina is an extraordinarily decent sounding board for Maddox.

Out of nowhere, E.J. strolls in and needs to converse with Gina. He needs to begin once again. E.J. uncovers he's settled on a decision to ensure that the show is "great' so he doesn't get transported off to St. Louis.

ย "For what reason don't we not discuss the future for a sec? We should make today astonishing," Gina tells E.J. They make up and share a sweet kiss.

Before Color War starts off, Ricky goes to Corbin and begs him to erase the "humiliating" film of him. Corbin declines. "Except if you acclaim Nickelodeon.

Each camper needs to take part in a couple of Color War difficulties. Ricky, Ashlyn, in Gina are in EJ's group. Maddox's group has Kourtney, Carlos, and Jet. "Just so you all know. I'm crude.

Val has a letter for Ashlyn from Big Red. Ashlyn stays anxious when she's around Val. Val imagines that Ashlyn is "perhaps making up for something." She considers Ashlyn a "lovely riddle," and Ashlyn concedes that is the most delightful point anybody has made to her.

Fly discussions to Ricky about the Maddox circumstance. He concedes that he thought those Maddox texts he showed his folks were from a person.