Harry Styles stole the spotlight at a U2 concert in Las Vegas with his unexpected buzz cut, diverting attention from Bono to his new hairstyle.ย 

The pop star, usually known for his swept-back brunette locks, appeared in a casual white t-shirt with girlfriend Taylor Russell, showcasing a more relaxed look contrasting his Love on Tour aesthetic.ย 

Styles's shaved head marks a departure from his previous hairstyles, representing a potential reinvention or shift in his image.ย 

The buzz cut is part of the Alessandro Michele-influenced vibe Styles has embraced in recent years, adding a new dimension to his fashion choices.ย 

Fans on social media quickly shared mixed opinions about Styles's bold hair choice, with some making humorous comparisons to Millie Bobby Brown's shaved head in Stranger Things.ย 

Styles's rumored girlfriend, Taylor Russell, was by his side at the U2 concert, adding to the buzz surrounding their relationship.ย 

This isn't the first time Styles surprised fans with aesthetic choices; earlier in the year, he was spotted with potentially meaningful tattoos during a boat trip in Italy.ย 

Fans have expressed sadness at the departure of Styles's signature locks, sharing humorous reactions and memes on social media.ย 

The outing with Taylor Russell is one of several recent public appearances, fueling rumors about their relationship, though neither has officially confirmed their status.ย 

Harry Styles continues to keep fans guessing with his ever-changing style, showcasing his versatility as a pop star and fashion icon.ย