🌍 Gaza Reels from Deadly Hospital Explosion as Biden Visits Israel in a Show of Support

πŸ” President Biden's VisitΒ  – An overnight explosion rocks Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. – President Biden shows solidarity with Israel in the face of attacks.

🀝 U.S. Stands with Israel – Biden emphasizes U.S. solidarity with Israel. – Hamas' attacks have killed Israelis and Americans.

πŸ’₯ Disaster Strikes Al Ahli Hospital – Deadly explosion sparks condemnation from Arab governments. – Escalation in violence since Hamas attacks.

🀞 A Promise of Support – Biden's vow to have Israel's back. – Efforts to prevent further tragedy.

πŸ›¬ Biden's Trip to Israel – Biden wants to learn more about objectives and plans. – Meeting with regional leaders canceled after the hospital disaster.

πŸ“£ International Reaction – Protests erupt across the Middle East. – Condemnations from Arab countries.

🚨 Gaza in Crisi – Gaza under siege, no food or fuel for over a week. – High death toll in Gaza and southern Israel.

πŸ’§ Critical Humanitarian Situation – Severe water shortage in Gaza. – Limited access to clean drinking water.

πŸ™ Hope Amidst Tragedy – The world watches as violence continues. – The region faces a long and challenging road ahead.