Friday the 13th in the USA: My Lucky Day?

Friday, 13 October 2023 Date in Washington, DC, USAΒ 

Page 1: A superstitious adventure begins on Friday the 13th in the USA.Β 

Page 2: Unlucky or just another day? Let's find out.

Page 3: Meet Sarah, an everyday American caught in the superstition web.

Page 4: From black cats to broken mirrors, the day tests her beliefs.

Page 5: A peculiar encounter with a ladder keeps her on edge.

Page 6: Will the day bring misfortune or unexpected surprises for Sarah?

Page 7: A chance meeting with a fortune teller adds to the intrigue

Page 8: The day ends with a twist she never saw coming.

Page 9: Was it truly an unlucky day? Sarah ponders the mysteries.