Flood Warning For Lyndon Kansas City on October 25

Page 1:Β  Flood Warning Issued for Lyndon, Kansas Area On October 25, 2023, the NWS warns of potential flooding.Β 

Page 2:Β  Salt Creek at Risk Flood warning specifically for Salt Creek near Lyndon, Kansas.Β 

Page 3:Β  Flood Stage Details Learn about the various flood stages and their effects.Β 

Page 4:Β  Heavy Rainfall Triggered the Alert Overnight rains of 3-9 inches prompt flash flood warning.Β 

Page 5:Β  Flash Flood Areas Areas at risk include highways, streets, and small creeks.Β 

Page 6: Β Interstate 35 Danger Zones Interstate areas prone to flash flooding mentioned by the NWS.Β 

Page 7: Β Communities at Risk List of towns and lakes facing flash flood warnings.Β 

Page 8:Β  Safety First The importance of not driving through flooded roads to avoid accidents.Β 

Page 9:Β  Turn Around, Don't Drown NWS's advice for drivers facing flooded roads, especially at night.Β 

Page 10: Β Stay Informed Keep updated on the NWS warnings and stay safe during floods.Β