The Crazy Idea Over Tea In 1969, in Jamshedpur, India, Subhash Sharma and friends dreamt of motorcycle travelβ€”a journey unheard of.

Shaping the Dream Subhash convinced friendsβ€”Sampuran Singh, Manmohan Singh, and Ashok Kherβ€”to join. A four-man team was born.

Planning the Unthinkable Researching, they planned a 67,000-mile ride on Royal Enfields. Initial route: India to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and beyond.

Passport Odyssey In 1970s India, passports were a privilege. Denied initially, Subhash navigated red tape, convincing officials and securing government approval.

First Indians on the Move The team, armed with passports, left Jamshedpur. In Delhi, they acquired visas and Carnet de Passages for their Royal Enfields.

A Twist of Fate Borders closed due to an airline hijack. Racing to Bombay, they boarded a Telco-manufactured bus-carrying ship, becoming "company representatives."

Crossing the Middle East From Kuwait, they rode through Iraq to Iran, facing diverse landscapes. Cold in Tehran, they navigated snow-covered mountains in Turkey.

Navigating Adversity Enduring rain and bitter cold in Turkey, they sought warmer weather. Borders were crossed with ease in the Middle East.

Welcomed by Diversity Leaving Syria and Jordan for Lebanon, Singh and Manmohan's turbans made them welcomed as fellow Muslims.

Milestones and Memorie The journey continued. The story marks 50 yearsβ€”a testament to passion, perseverance, and the first Indians to motorcycle around the world.