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F1 race: Max Verstappen wins Hungarian Grand Prix

By Hardik Wasanwawl

The defending world champions came from tenth on the grid as Lewis Hamilton and George Russell made it to Mercedes 2-3 . made

Max Verstappen won the Hungarian Grand Prix with a massive run from 10th place on the grid.

He and his Red Bull team pulled off a complete coup in Hungaroring as Ferrari were wanted again.

After an afternoon that began with the extent of damage, Red Bull and Verstappen delivered a remarkable run, including repeated overtakes.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell put up a great fight in a resurgent, motionless Mercedes to claim second and third place, but Scuderia's strategy left drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in sixth and fourth places to claim victory. Had an excellent chance of and had an excellent chance to score back points. The Dutchman. Sergio Perez was fifth for Red Bull.

Verstappen's 28th win is his first in Hungary and his eighth this season from 13 races, a formidable comeback with nine still to go and a body blow to the championship hopes of Scuderia and especially Leclerc.

His lead over Leclerc in the championship, which was already formidable, is now a ditch. He is ahead by 80 points, which is an undeniable advantage.

On pole, Russell had to save Sainz from charging from the start, but held his position when he got out of a turn, while Hamilton jumped from seventh to fifth on a stellar start. Verstappen was also already leading, from tenth to eighth behind two alpines, which he tackled quickly, finishing sixth on lap seven.