deadly heat

Europe Heat: Britain, London, France, Greece, Italy, Europe take the heat that kills 105 degrees.

By Hardik Wasanwal

High alert hits wave of record heat in UK brutal cost for 2022. The Brutal Hit Wave Is Affecting Over 20 Million Us

In London, the government said that they did not come out, the sprinkling of sand on the roads was stopping all and every work, seeing the heat.

Railway Department's warning: Such heat was broken; all the records were broken;

Citizens looking for water in dangerous conditions due to heat of 105 degrees

Due to this heat, the fire spread in the forest and the disturbing government warning should not come out.

Government employees and government controlling the fire in France, Greece, Italy and elsewhere

Citizens searching for running water for relief from the heat, everyone is hoping for a chill.

Spain Portugal News of more than 1000 deaths caused fury of brutal heat