A Glimpse into the Cosmo ESA's Euclid unveils its first full-color images, showcasing its unprecedented ability to capture razor-sharp astronomical views across vast cosmic expanses.

Dark Universe Detective Euclid's mission is to unravel the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, which constitute 95% of the cosmos. Its subtle influence on the visible universe remains enigmatic.

Creating a Cosmic 3D Map Over the next six years, Euclid aims to observe billions of galaxies up to 10 billion light-years away, constructing the most extensive 3D map of the universe.

Unveiling Euclid's Vision Euclid's unique capability lies in its ability to capture remarkably sharp visible and infrared images, as demonstrated in the released images.

Perseus Cluster - A Cosmic Revolution Euclid's snapshot of the Perseus Cluster, 240 million light-years away, reveals 1000 galaxies in unprecedented detail, unlocking secrets about dark matter's role in their formation.

IC 342 - The Hidden Galaxy Revealed Dubbed the 'Hidden Galaxy,' Euclid's observation of spiral galaxy IC 342 provides crucial insights into the stars within, resembling our Milky Way.

NGC 6822 - Unraveling Cosmic Building Block Euclid's view of irregular galaxy NGC 6822, just 1.6 million light-years away, offers a glimpse into the irregular and small galaxies that form the foundation for larger galaxies.

NGC 6397 - A Sparkling Glimpse into the Past Euclid's view of the globular cluster NGC 6397, 7800 light-years away, enables the observation of countless stars, contributing to our understanding of the Milky Way's history and dark matter distribution.

The Horsehead Nebula - A Celestial Panorama Euclid's panoramic view of the Horsehead Nebula in the constellation Orion promises to uncover dim planets, young brown dwarfs, and nascent stars.

New Discoveries Await Euclid's initial images not only exhibit beauty but also mark a significant step in understanding the cosmos.ย