Discover How Vitamin D Can Boost Heart Health in Seniors

October 25, 2023


Page 1:Title: Vitamin D: A Heart-Healthy Revelation for Senior Vitamin D supports immunity and bone health in seniors.

Page 2:Title: The Hidden Benefits of Vitamin D Vitamin D: a vital nutrient with newfound heart-protective properties.

Page 3:Title: The Study that Unveiled the Secret Research on seniors aged 60-84, vitamin D versus a placebo.

Page 4:Title: The Vitamin D Experiment Participants received either a placebo or 60,000 IU vitamin D/month.

Page 5:Title: A Surprising Discovery Minorly reduced major heart events, especially for statin users.

Page 6:Title: Interpreting the Finding Results not statistically significant, but vitamin D's potential remains.

Page 7:Title: Holistic Heart Health Balanced diet, exercise, and moreβ€”keys to a healthy heart.

Page 8:Title: Vitamin D: A Friend to Your Heart Understanding the link between vitamin D and heart health.

Page 9:Title: Guarding Against Heart Trouble Vitamin D's role in supporting blood vessels and blood pressure.