Colts Set for International Showdown The Indianapolis Colts (4-5) are gearing up for a Week 10 clash against the struggling New England Patriots (2-7) at Frankfurt Stadium in Germany.

Colts Favored Abroad Sportsbooks favor the Colts in this overseas matchup, with experts leaning towards an Indy victory.

Colts Wire Staff Prediction Colts Wire staff members Kevin Hickey, Cody Manning, Meghan Hall, and Cody Felger weigh in on the upcoming game with their predictions.

Kevin Hickey's Take Hickey anticipates a close game, considering the challenges of overseas play. He predicts a 23-20 victory for the Colts, citing offensive prowess and defensive strength.

Cody Manning's Perspective Manning envisions an efficient passing attack led by Gardner Minshew, setting the stage for Jonathan Taylor's explosive plays. He predicts a 21-17 win, with Kwity Paye sealing the deal.

Meghan Hall's Insight Despite injuries, Hall believes the Colts can outsmart the Patriots. She emphasizes the importance of Minshew protecting the ball and trusting playmakers in a 21-17 victory.

Cody Felger's Analysis Felger sees New England's struggles as an opportunity for the Colts to capitalize. He predicts a 24-13 win, fueled by turnovers and defensive prowess.

Key Matchup Factor Experts highlight factors like jet lag, offensive struggles for the Patriots, and the Colts' reliance on key players like Taylor, Pittman Jr., and Buckner.

Minshew's Role The spotlight is on Gardner Minshew's role in steering the Colts to victory. Can he protect the football and exploit the Patriots' weaknesses?

The Countdown Begin With the game on the horizon, anticipation builds for this international showdown. Colts fans eagerly await to see if their team can secure a crucial victory abroad.