Chucky's Arrival in Dead by Daylight: A Killer Update for Gamers

Page 1: Title: Chucky's Arrival in Dead by Daylight Chucky is joining Dead by Daylight on November 28!

Page 2: Meet Tiffany Valentine, the Bride of Chucky, in the game.Β 

Page 3: Original movie voice actors return to voice Chucky and Tiffany.Β 

Page 4: Customize Chucky with the Good Gal outfit and Jennifer Tilly's voice.Β 

Page 5: Chucky's unique ability to sneak and hunt in the game.Β 

Page 6: "Slice & Dice" and "Scamper" skills for Chucky's stealthy moves.Β 

Page 7: Charles Lee Ray, Chucky's human form, lends a hand in the hunt.Β 

Page 8: Chucky joins other iconic killers in Dead by Daylight.Β 

Page 9: Are you ready to play as Chucky in Dead by Daylight?Β