Chris Bumstead wins 5th Mr. Olympia 2023

5 November 2023ย 


Page 1: The 2023 Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Finals in Orlando concluded with Chris Bumstead winning his fifth Mr. Olympia title.ย 

Page 2: Ramon Dino, a Brazilian bodybuilder, placed second, leaving his devoted fans feeling cheated.ย 

Page 3: Fans expressed their frustration on the Mr. Olympia Instagram page, demanding justice for their icon, Ramon Dino.ย 

Page 4: Chris Bumstead's triumphant journey to his fifth Mr. Olympia title was marked by dedication and determination, even through adversity.ย 

Page 5: Bumstead boldly stated at the press conference that he believed his competitors were fighting for second place.ย 

Page 6: Ramon Dino and Urs Kalecinski placed second and third, respectively, in the Classic Physique Finals, while Bumstead secured his fifth Mr. Olympia trophy.ย 

Page 7: The official Mr. Olympia Instagram page celebrated Bumstead's victory, but the Brazilian bodybuilding community voiced their frustration in the comment section.ย 

Page 8: The bodybuilding community had high hopes for Ramon Dino, and many believed he should have won. Frustrated fans claimed, "Ramon has been robbed."ย 

Page 9: While Chris Bumstead claimed his fifth Mr. Olympia title, Ramon Dino's fans continue to support him, hoping for his future success.ย